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Have you ever ordered a work on a website that offers help with completing assignments? Maybe you already have favorites? In any case, you would not mind considering one of these sites together with us, would you?  This is This is quite an impressive site, having a YouTube channel, a personal blog and excellent customer reviews.

Advantage or Disadvantage?

The company claims to be the first resource that introduced the auction system for the writer's choice. This means that the visitor publishes their task on anonymous rights and watches the response of writers who are interested in it. In the scheme there are the following advantages:

  • The absence of intermediaries;
  • The involvement of only those writers who understand the topic and are confident in their abilities;
  • The freedom of a writer’s choice.

However, there is another side of the coin:

  • Unconsciously biased writer's choice. The client is inclined to choose the cheapest option, which ultimately can negatively affect the quality of their paper. By introducing the auction, the company disclaims responsibility for the choice of a writer;
  • The additional burden on the writer. Instead of devoting themselves entirely to scientific work, writers are forced to "fight" with each other for the offers of the clients. Besides, customers are under pressure too: probably they do not have time for a comparative analysis of the authors who have responded to their task.

At Your Own Risk

According to the policy of the site, writers are kind of an autonomous state and they can communicate with clients directly in the chat. In connection with this freedom of communication, there are some precedents:

  • Sharing personal data with the writer;
  • Giving the writer login details to customer’s school/university site;
  • Paying to the writer via different payment systems.

The site claims that it does not encourage all these things, but cannot control it. Thus, a kind of communication anarchy takes place.

There is a probability that user's personal information will be rendered to third parties. Given its specificity, this is not surprising. You will be notified about changes in the status of your personal information via a message on the site or email.

No Refund, Do Discount

The company’s work is non-refundable. The management of the site do not give any guarantees. When the work is completed, under no circumstances the client is eligible for compensation in case they are dissatisfied with it. In some cases, the company resolves the issues of compensation independently. The auction system does not allow to create a more or less stable system of discounts since the site prefers not to interfere with it.

So, the site provides a non-standard scheme for completing academic works, which has many pitfalls. Innovations are an attractive and advanced thing, but it should be considered whether it is necessary to implement them in certain areas, including education. Excessive freedom generates lack of responsibility and  does not allow the resource to give a guarantee of quality, shifting the entire responsibility to the client. 

Rating: 4.9, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein