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An attractive student girl attentively looks at the user every time they visit essay service. And it seems, that this is the only one who can be attentive to potential customers.

Our reviewers have tested numerous different services already, and we were really wondered with a fact how good appearance can cheat on visitors.

Affordable Price

There is no price which could be called affordable. Even a single-paged essay for a high school level has a cost which is twice as high as really good propositions from other services. Such prices must be based on really expert writers who provide their customers with brilliant papers. We will discuss the quality below, but you need to know that there are services offering much lower costs. If your pocket is seriously limited, then this service is not for you.

Website Usability

Everything seems to be comfortable and smooth. No ads, no irritating pop-up windows, friendly interface and no any download lags. But the quality of contents will make you sad. There you will find nothing but a pack of keywords that were combined into an average essay service text.

Yes, many other online essay services do not concentrate on the quality of contents, but provide their clients with well-done papers instead. But unfortunately, the next point of our review is disappointing.

Quality of Papers

As usual, we placed the order to test the quality of writing at this company. The result was… wondering.

Thing that we received could not be called a topical paper at all. Keep in mind, that if you order an opinion essay from this service, you have a risk of receiving a persuasive or analytical paper instead. We also have to mention formatting issues and typos that were met in the overall document on a regular basis.

Delivery Speed

Things are tricky here. We did not receive our paper in time, it was delivered to the wanted email 35 minutes after the deadline expiration. So, troubles have place.

Final mark about this point of a review is based on a fact, that there are services which can send you a paper in some hours after the deadline. We have seen such services. But still, failing the deadline is bad for any essay service, and if to combine this with the quality of works and, especially, prices displayed, the overall situation is more than just sad.

Total Rating

To say sincerely, it is awful. These guys want you to pay almost two times more than other cheap services, but they will doubtfully provide you with a paper of a good quality even if the deadline is expired.

By the way, customer support manager was rude to us once our tester asked them about the delivery and notified about the expired deadline. Though we have understood everything about the reliability of UKwritings before that issue, it just additionally confirmed everything.

If you want to receive high-quality academic papers and to know your money is not wasted in vain, you better keep away from this essay service. There are alternatives with lower prices and much higher quality. And their managers do not irritate clients.

Rating: 3.9, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein