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CoolEssay.Net Review: A Service Worth Considering Order Now Form

In order to be sure whether a certain service is good for placing an order with, there is no better way than to place a small first order. Still, in case of a failure, you risk wasting money. We understand that, and decided to save money for hundreds of students reviewing custom writing companies to find out which ones are good and which are better to stay away from. This Coolessay review is based on our keen analysis of the website, service’s functions, and the paper we have ordered.


As far as we think, reliability is the main thing to be checked, and this was considered for the review on Coolessay. Some may say that low prices are their main criterion, but what is the point if the service is fraudulent and you will never get what you have ordered? Others consider the quality of the written paper. Well, if you get the superb paper late, will this be beneficial?

Reliability can be evaluated in three dimensions: privacy, payment process security, and service’s guarantees.

  • Privacy

    We could not omit this point in the review. Indeed, it is crucially important to make sure your professor never finds out you have used the service. The privacy policy of claims that only authorized personnel has an access to your personal details, and even your writer never knows your name. We have tried to find out some details about orders via the live chat, and we can assure you that support will not disclose any info unless they are 100% sure you are the account owner.

  • Payment Process Security

    Gathering info for Coolessay review, we noticed that this service works with PayPal, what is already a good guarantee of reliability. Bad services which get a lot of disputes, get banned on PayPal. Moreover, paying via PayPal, Gate2Shop, or Pastabank you never share your payment info with Coolessay, hence you are safe from any hidden charges.

  • Review of Coolessay.Net Guarantees

    Maybe the most positive thing about this Coolessay review is that it is financially responsible for in-time delivery and quality of the academic writing they deliver. Coolessay support team claims that lateness cases are pretty much rare, but even in case of a slight lateness, they guarantee a money back. Moreover, one can request an unlimited number of revisions free of charge. Finally, all papers are plagiarism free, and in case a customer gets a proof of the opposite, the company guarantees a full refund.

So, to conclude this part of the review, we can say it is completely safe to use. 5 out of 5 stars for the reliability.

Price and Quality Correlation

In this review on Coolessay, there would be no point to review prices and quality separately. Indeed, this is one of not many services, where we found the best correlation between prices and quality. Even though the prices are not the lowest, they are quite pocket-friendly, especially for the orders with long deadlines. However, the quality of the 2-page Engineering paper was superb. We specifically asked for a complex paper to be written for it to include both: technical part and the text. Thus, in this review, we can confidently confirm that the technical part was done precisely (as claimed by our engineer), and the wording of text was concise and smooth.

To sum up, working on this Coolessay review, we have found out that the service is not pricey, and delivers the desired quality. Hence, 5 stars for the price and quality correlation.


Coming to a custom writing service, you want to get rid of academic troubles. With poor support, you can make mistakes with ordering, and this will result in even more troubles. To complete this Coolessay review, we have chatted with their support team representative. We must admit that the support on Coolessay.Net is quite friendly. We pretended to be a poor student who needed an order to be done but lacked money. Surprisingly, Coolessay support representative has told us a few lifehacks of how to decrease the price for the order. Furthermore, there were no templates and all the responses were quick and personal.

After we got a discount, we tried to be as persistent as possible and asked for more. The support agent asked to wait a bit for them to consult with the manager, and in a short while they have given us a special offer. This was a good example of how user-friendly service Coolessay is and how much they value their customers’ satisfaction. No wonder, that in this review, they get 5 stars for support as well.


So, in result of this Coolessay review, the service has scored 5 out of 5 stars for three categories, and the average mark is 5. Hence, we strongly recommend this essay writing company. With them, you can be sure of getting what you need done exactly the way you need.

Rating: 4.5, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein