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Looking for a reliable academic assistance company had never been so easy before. Essayrank expert reviewers are always here to let you know if a particular writing service website is worth your trust. We make tests of every aspect of the company’s activity and describe our impressions after real interaction with the company.

This time, we’ve got a review on website. And the news is not very good. Review: Website

The website met our review specialist with confusion. In fact, the overall design is not the best among other writing services. As for the “World’s No.1 Assignment Help Company”, this website looks poor and uncomfortable. Too many different colors make users get lost among buttons, a big background picture correlates with the studentship topic but looks unnecessary, the upper menu letting clients access the uncomfortable and overloaded panel with services, answers, paper samples, expert pages, and user reviews is literally difficult to perceive and process it in one’s mind. In addition, the optimization for smaller screen resolutions is quite bad: not all the buttons function properly in this case and make clients feel dumb.

The additional minus: annoying pop-up windows. Seriously, if the user needs help via chat, they’ll find and activate it on their own. There is no need to show that window jumping on top of 50 percent of the homepage. “Fresh” feedback comments from users appearing in the bottom left corner of the screen every few seconds are weird. They do not increase authority and trust, they act the opposite way: first, they scare, then they start to irritate.

And what about the text content? Well, at least their English is pretty good. But page texts were written for search engines and not users. They are overloaded with keywords and filler phrases while bringing zero informational value to the client.

All in all, about the review, the website itself is not the best. Review: Support

Nevertheless, there always is a chance for academic assistance services to make a better impression with the help of qualified support agents: they can show the client that the website is actually worth trusting their money and grades to it. Unfortunately, agents never knew they were the face of their company.

First, the irritating pop-up chat window with a standard pre-written message is not the best way to start the dialogue with clients. Our review expert decided to give them a chance because our review wouldn’t be completed without a real interaction with the company’s staff.

Actually, that was a mistake. Asking for help with placing an order, we received only a link to the general guide as an answer. Asking for help with policies, our review expert got a message containing a link to policy pages and nothing more. Maybe, support agent had a bad day and that was an accident. But it looked suspicious. Such a behavior is more about chat-bot programs, not about real humans. Review: Deadlines and Quality

If it was a real order, a student would probably leave the website after the “dialogue” with a support representative. But our expert had to complete the review. So, a test order for a 2-page college essay on sociology was placed. We set the 12-hour deadline and received the completed paper 25 minutes after time was up.

In addition, the final version of the paper contained some typos, missing commas, and rude grammar mistakes. Here is the remark for all companies after this myassignmenthelp review: do not hire freelancing students to write assignments for you. A student is not equal to that “PhD writer” you say about on your homepage.

To Summarize the Review

We would never recommend company as a reliable one. It is not the “World’s No. 1”, not even No. 2. There are many essay writing companies doing their job better and offering more affordable prices. You’d better read other reviews and find them than ask to do your essays or other writing tasks. That’s it.

Rating: 4, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein