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You know, our review experts have definitely seen and estimated numerous academic assistance services considering their advantages and disadvantages, mistakes, design comfort, attention to detail and qualities of papers they deliver to clients. After all, the final result is the only thing that matters for a customer. Our review specialists have their methods and algorithms to check the reliability and quality of essay writing companies. Their methodology obligatory includes the review of the website design, customer support interaction experience, ability to keep deadlines and the final quality of the writing task completion.

In case of this review on things appear to be better than they actually are. But let’s take a closer look onto every separate element.

College-Homework-Help Review: Website

For the review in general, the design of their website is fine. College-Homework-Help users can access pages with the order form, price information, frequently asked questions, “how it works” user guide, paper samples and contacts directly from the main menu above the window.

The color palette of the website can be called as “classical”: the combination of red, black and white looks pretty well but does not completely suit the academic assistance company (this argument is subjective, so it won’t influence the general mark of this review).

The homepage offers everything the user might need: a fast switch to the order window, the price calculator, service’s stated advantages, feedback from clients, and finally the general description of the company’s services.

To be honest, is not the best design example our review experts had the possibility to see. Despite a pleasant color palette and content positioning, the approach of designers and copywriters to website fonts and content texts is far from perfection. Fonts are too small and not clearly visible: it causes eye tension to concentrate on reading them. But contents are not really worth reading: there are more keywords and bad English filler-words than useful facts or tips.

Still, this can’t be said about the college-homework-help blog. Articles are well-written and up-to-date, touching different topics of studentship and academic writing recommendations. Well, there is a hope for essay writers to be better than the company’s copywriters creating contents for the website pages. We’ll check it further in the review.

College-Homework-Help Review: Support

As our review agents think, customer support managers are faces of the academic assistance company. Their qualification, client-orientation and skills create the image of the company for potential customers. If the support manager does not know how to do their job well, the client will most probably leave the website immediately after understanding this fact. He or she will never place an order on the site of a company which has unqualified customer support representatives.

Fortunately, support agents are professionals. Our review expert created a test list of questions to see their preparation level and stress-durability, and they passed this secret exam well. The manager helped our review expert pretending to be a “panicking” student to calm down and carefully guided him through the ordering process providing clear and short instructions. An important fact: there were not text template messages used by a chat-bot but real human. Definitely a plus for a review.

Additionally, the manager provided our review expert with the information regarding the company’s policies, guarantees and principles. All in all, support service representatives of work well. Unfortunately, their job is not the main function of the academic assistance website, and they can’t do a lot with the point described further in the review.

College-Homework-Help Review: Deadlines and Quality

The review is not full if doesn’t let readers know about the quality of papers delivered by the essay writing website workers. So, the test task was a must for us to give it to writers.

It was a 2-page college level essay task on Plato’s philosophy. Yes, it is not the easiest topic a writer could ever get, but we did not go in for physics, biology or politics. We set the deadline at 12 hours, specified certain formatting and style requirements and placed the order. To say sincerely, after such a good impression made by support managers and blog articles, we expected the essay to be of a satisfying quality at least.

But the result was… not good.

First, our review tester received the paper 20 minutes later than the deadline. It is not the worst case for us, but here is the point: the earliest deadline possible to choose at is 6 hours, and their writers failed to keep the one which was two times longer. In terms of a random student’s urgency, 20 minutes may be the matter of their academic success or failure.

Still, deadlines did not seem to be the worst problem because the paper itself was poor.

A thing we received contained multiple grammar mistakes, bad English writing that looked like a translated from the other language text, and some missing commas are not what you expect to get for almost 70 dollars of a price. In addition, formatting requirements were ignored. Maybe, it was the first order of a newbie writer or something. But there is no way to justify such a low quality compared to high costs.

To Conclude the Review is NOT the company we could recommend asking for academic assistance. They make a good impression with their website, support managers and blog articles. But still, their writers don’t know how to do their job to make it be worth this company’s prices.

You better find a more reliable essay writing company. Don’t give your money to

Rating: 3, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein