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Professional Review

When asking for academic assistance, students naturally want to be sure their money, privacy, and grades are safe. In other words, you want to know that a particular essay writing website is trustworthy, reliable and able to deliver high-quality texts completed on time.

These are the points we are going to reveal in our following review on website. Our review expert is actually used to different writing service companies with different quality of their job but could not meet his expectations. In fact, it was an average disappointment. Let’s take a detailed look onto this website in our standard review article. Review: Design, Content & Functionality

The most suitable word to describe the website for the review is “average”. The first impression made by the design was like “Well, it’s just another mid-range academic assistance company”. A well-chosen color palette, suitable images, and readable fonts are pluses. Average content quality and value, texts filled with keywords and quite poor menu buttons are minuses.

But still, the blog is quite interesting and regularly being refreshed. There they discuss different writing and studentship topics by publishing well-done articles in good English. That’s the additional plus point.

But the optimization of a website is not excellent: it looks well only in 1920x1080 resolution. Smaller windows cause visibility and usability issues and harm functionality. For instance, the menu becomes even less comfortable if to access the website from a smartphone. This is not a good sign.

Edusson Review: Customer Support Managers

The interaction with support service managers of website only confirmed the previous review impression: they are just average. People know how to do their job until it comes to non-standard questions. They can guide users through the ordering process and send links to required pages like policies or pricing but get stunned if the client needs some sort of additional explanation on anything.

At least, operators are not chat-bots but humans and they actually are available 24/7. For this review, we visited late at night (3 AM), and customer support managers answered only 30 seconds later. But as we mentioned already, they can’t work with non-standard questions. Review: Writing Quality & Deadlines

This is the main point of every writing assistance website review. This article wouldn’t be full without a test task which our review specialist sent to He pretended to be a student in a hurry: 3 AM contact, urgent 6-hour task deadline, and 3 pages of a college essay on philosophy.

The order was placed pretty quickly, the writer was assigned nearly 30 minutes after the payment. That’s normal (average again). It seemed that were able to deliver a satisfying paper on time at least. Actually, that never happened.

It took their writer an additional hour after the deadline to finish the task, and even the late rush was fatal for the quality of their writing.

The paper we have got was not worth calling it an essay. Multiple grammar mistakes, missing commas, and formatting accompanied to lots of water instead of serious content, that’s it.

The paper was not worth paying a single penny for it, not even that price really offered. The conclusion is obvious.

To Finalize

You better choose another essay writing service. looks like an average academic assistance website, but the review showed it is a poor company. The quality of their texts is much lower than the average look of their website.

We do not recommend anyone to use assistance. Read another review to find a reliable essay writing company. There are many of them in our list of top websites.

Rating: 3, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein