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So, you want to order a written work on one of the multiple sites. It is quite a natural desire considering the incredible development of modern technologies. But there are many sites and at first glance, they offer the same package of services. In order to understand this properly, a careful analysis of each of them is required. But what kind of analysis can we talk about if the average student does not have enough time to complete a home task? Do not panic! We have already done this analysis and today we will talk about a well-known in the academic community website

An order made on such a website does not at all mean that the student refuses to think, does not want to learn and is ready to do anything to avoid any kind of mental activity. The papers completed by the offices of the writing of academic works are a kind of help for further study. A non-diligent student or someone who does not know how to correctly express his or her thoughts on paper can get a unique sample, on the basis of which one can judge about the proper design and structure of academic work. In the future, students can decide for themselves whether they want to spend time searching for information and doing their own research, or they are ready to delegate it to professionals who will do everything much faster, saving a bunch of precious time.

These experts are scattered across different websites and finding the best sometimes reminds of a lottery. Nobody will write that "we hire students and they will write your academic paper, so we apologize for the lame quality in advance" or "our writers are not native English speakers, so do not judge strictly". Unquestionable professionalism of writers is one of the constant, unchangeable magnitude that unites all such resources.

Well, what to do in this case? If there are only professionals gathered around, there is no point in making choices, analyzing and studying. A huge number of similar websites offer the same set of identical services, sometimes even prices and visual components coincide, as if they were all copied. So, maybe we should make a random choice? No such luck.

Initially, you need to tune in to the fact that not everyone is writing the truth. Alas, but it is like that. Otherwise, one might think that our world revolves only for good and that only high-intellectual people, professionals of their business, who never commit errors live in it. And where to go for the rest, not so remarkable personalities? Very often they take on the mask of experts and work, earning their living by what is commonly called hackwork.

Hackwork exists in any sphere of human activity, however it is especially evident and noticeable in the field of academic writing. Another thing is that you will be able to detect it only after the completion of the work for which you will pay your hard-earned money and will remain with nothing in the end.

To avoid this sad scenario, you need to understand who you are asking for help. In order to understand this properly, a careful analysis of each of such websites is required. But what kind of analysis can we talk about if the average student does not have enough time to complete a home task? Time goes nowhere, it is not enough for elementary every day and domestic needs. The uninitiated person will not be able to make a high-quality analysis and will still get on the hook of scammers. Do not panic! We have already done this analysis and today we will talk about a website, well-known in the academic community.

Selected Structure and Advantages

The website looks very presentable. It can be seen that the designers did a good job and eventually gave out a visually attractive page. The main page is kept in calm tones with interspersed bright elements, which really should be highlighted. In addition, all the necessary buttons for ordering papers and simply receiving information are within sight. Immediately you can pay attention to the list of prices, which is for free public access. It often happens that the website hides the price system somewhere in the labyrinth of pages and does not want to focus on it at all. However, everything is clear and obvious here, on The pricing policy is the next:

  • Works for high school start from the cost of $9,90 per page;
  • Works for undergraduates 1-2 start from the cost of $13,50 per page;
  • Works for undergraduates 3-4 start from the cost of $18 per page;
  • Works for masters start from the cost of $24 per page.

Prices are more than acceptable. Moreover, if necessary, visitors can calculate the cost of their works themselves, using an online calculator which operates in several currencies. This calculator is an excellent opportunity to observe all the components of the final price of your order, and not see the final figure at the very end, at the time of filling in the personal data column. A huge advantage is that the website offers 275 words per page, while others say only about 250.

The website works with the system PayPal, which ensures the security of customers’ personal data. This is a very well-known and reliable payment system that operates under strict rules and does not allow any misunderstanding or transfer of personal financial data to the third parties.

Scrolling down the website, you can find all the necessary information. Here are some services that the website provides for free:

  • Revision of work. For ten days, visitors can think and decide whether they are satisfied with the work received. If within this period they request a review, the company provides it for free. This time is sufficient, during it you can think about everything and decide if you need a revision;
  • Cover and references pages. These pages are offered as a free bonus;
  • Contacting Support Department at any time of day. The very convenient feature in the light of the fact that people from different parts of the world with different time zones can make an order. It can be seen that the service takes into account all aspects of such work. They support a toll-free number, by the way;
  • Choosing a citation style. If necessary, there is a free option to select the required style. If this is not the case, then you just need to choose “Not applicable”;
  • Direct communication with the author of the work. A great way to prevent possible misunderstandings and mistakes without intermediaries. Many websites prefer to deprive their customers of direct contact with writers for certain unknown reasons. As a result, a lot of problems arise related to misinterpretation of requirements, additional requests and clarifications, inaccessibility of the writer. Contact with the writer is also proof that the agency fully trusts its employees and is not afraid that they will disgrace themselves and make a poor showing at the most inopportune moment.

Money Back Money Back

Without any tricks, the website provides an opportunity to get your money back in case you are dissatisfied with the order received. The Dispute Department review all the claims within 7-10 days.

It is absolutely free to cancel the order and receive a 100% refund in case the writer is not assigned. If it is a question of less than half of the work completed, the compensation is reduced to 70% and to 40% if more than half of the work is done.

These are quite standard conditions, they are often repeated on many websites of this kind, but the advantage is that they are still listed. The return of money has always been the number one problem in all business matters. Therefore, the client must be in advance information-safe from possible inaccuracies and misunderstandings in this matter.

Freedom from Plagiarism

A separate section of the website is devoted to the issue of plagiarism. The company writes from scratch and works with a large number of professional services that check all the materials on plagiarism. The team of IT-specialists has developed special software for the website, which is capable of recognizing projects that were not performed in accordance with the standards set by the company. In case a minimal share of plagiarism is detected, writers will immediately correct this defect and you will receive a 100% unique work.

Plagiarism is one of the main checks for hackwork. The simplest option is to copy the ready text from the Internet, slightly dilute it with your own thoughts, rewrite it a little and give it out to be a paper written from scratch. This is the main indicator of hackwork. The agency that make a living by such things will not loudly announce the specialized software designed to exterminate all plagiarism of the world. It just silently notes that all the documents are original and switches to another topic. provides very clear guarantees.

Something Else? Our services also offers some additional services with detailed pricelists for each of them:

  • Rewriting. The company undertakes to rewrite the work of any complexity with a deadline from 8 hours to 14 days.
  • Editing. Professional editing of the work with the same deadlines as for the rewriting.
  • Proofreading. A cheaper option for those who cannot afford higher costs.
  • Business writing. Very interesting option. The website offers various content types for websites of any orientation. Besides, you can order a cover letter, resume or CV. The shortest period of work is 24 hours.

Conclusion is a high-quality website with a transparent system for determining the cost of an order, clear written terms for the return of money, prescribed privacy policy and pleasant prices. Direct contact with the author helps avoid misunderstandings related to the involvement of intermediaries. Therefore, you can safely place an order on this website.

Rating: 5.0, Writing service review. Author: John Walton