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In order to do the assignment, sometimes student’s own strength is not enough. This is because it often happens that no one really counts the workload: teachers are in a hurry to teach you everything they planned to teach you, as a result, you find yourself immured in academic paper walls. The best way to get out of the situation is to find a website that provides assistance in writing academic works. Our task is to show you the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. So, let us talk about

Riding a Bear or Freedom from Standards

The site has chosen a funny title concept – the viking, riding a bear and cutting the air to deliver your academic work as quickly as possible. There are questions about why this is a bear and whether it is possible to saddle a bear, however, this is just a design decision and it is the view of the website developers.

Having studied the first page, we see a standard set of promises and different data of a contentious nature:

  • Quality and money-back guarantees are provided in case of need. We will consider in more detail whether this corresponds to the reality on the relevant page;
  • Affordable prices starting from $16 a page. It cannot be called very attractive because there are sites with much lower prices per page;
  • The client has the possibility of an independent choice of a writer from the authors database. You can examine the responses of previous customers, see what works the author took. This is a very convenient position for the site: the client takes a part of the work, and in case of dissatisfaction with it, there can be no complaints on the service – as clients choose authors themselves. For the customer, this advantage of choice is highly controversial. The scheme of bids from the authors who see your order and try to prove that they are the ones who suit you is not a new practice. Before deciding on this, you need to think carefully whether you do you need it. The choice of the author is an additional waste of your time and energy;
  • Information on current activity. The choice of the color scale is definitely their failure: the white text on the background is one of the most unwanted combinations, unreadable for the eye.

Forward to Contradictions

On the Privacy Policy and Money back pages you can see not the most presentable things:

  • Controversial items of privacy. Given the freedom of communication and non-interference in the personal affairs of the customer and the author which the site exposes as its advantages, the information from chats is not inspected by the site. The company does not bear responsibility for customers’ personal data that can be displayed accidentally or intentionally on the website, as well as for its transfer to third parties. These are just standard nuances of excessive freedom of action;
  • For the same reasons, some aspects of the money back are not clear. According to Revision Policy and Money back statements, in case of the order cancellation, the company reserves the right to take a certain percentage of the cost for an author if it considers the reasons for the refusal to be insufficiently justified. What kind of percentage is involved and what is meant by "insufficient justification" –  the information is not available.

The ordering procedure on the site is built on the method of writer auction and self-selection. This scheme is rather ambiguous and has many pitfalls that cannot be avoided due to the freedom of communication between the client and the author. So, cooperation with the site requires careful reflection and analysis. 

Rating: 4.1, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein