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Resources that provide assistance in writing academic papers provide quite interesting material for research. Given their specificity and practical necessity for students of all countries, even their large number cannot affect the demand they have. Even the most unrepresentative site had an order at least once, so it is absolutely unnecessary to talk about giant sites that have already formed a client base. However, the order is money, and we get the money with great difficulty. In order for your money not to fly into the pipe and not fall into the hands of unscrupulous contractors, we have created a team that analyzes each site in search of positive sides and controversial points. On the agenda is

Green Light for Design, Red for Usability

We also explore sites for usability, so we immediately test them for compatibility with devices different from the PC. Despite the fact that there is a mobile version of, it is not fully optimized in terms of usability and from a technical point of view:

  • The site is not fully optimized. It is slow and abounds with too large images;
  • A lot of superfluous text, "watery" in its nature. The site optimized for the mobile application should contain only basic information and order buttons. Users do not need poems, written in such small font;
  • Consequently, there is too much scrolling. Users will not do it for half a day, so they will immediately leave the website when they get tired of it.

On the page with the price calculator, the guys managed to place a paragraph of the text that does not relate to the calculator directly and is just a different portion of a not justified yet praise of themselves.

"You Can Trust Us Because You Can Trust Us"

A rather amusing answer the company provides in the FAQ section on the question "How can I trust this service?" In response, the guys are quite blurry to say that their company has been working for many years and has a good reputation. The apogee of the answer is the phrase that they really can be trusted and that in order to be convinced of this, you need to try their services. With such informativeness, the question could be painlessly eliminated from the FAQ section.

"We Place Them, but Do Not Take Responsibility for It"

The site team continues its verbal manipulation in the section of the Privacy policy. Here they say that the site has several external links that are placed for the convenience of the user if they want to find some necessary information. However, no guarantee of security for those who click on the link – the guys just do not give it. So why do you host such links?

Where Are Ten Percent Missing?

In the Money back section, the guys explain the terms of the refund. In particular, there is the point that if a client has not responded whether they want a full or partial refund, the company can make the decision at its own discretion. Moreover, a full refund means 90% of the payment for the order. Where does the other 10% go?

Not Without Payment

The guys do not even start working without full payment for the order. Moreover, in the case of deferred payment, no matter what are the reasons, they do not guarantee compliance with deadlines.

The site provides an extensive canvas of the text for reading as well as some food for thought. There are a lot of points in which the guys do not prove themselves consumer-friendly, but there are many points where they try to avoid responsibility. They definitely need to work on these issues.

Rating: 4.1, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein