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Sometimes it happens that, applying to a certain service to write an academic work, you are faced with the fact that it cannot cope with a certain task. Especially it concerns some specific technical assignments. Sad, but quite common. In addition, it may appear that, having already contacted a certain site, you suffer from its inadequate system of payment for orders. And what do you actually pay for if you are given an incorrect work or nothing at all? All these nuances can truly shock a person who urgently needs a solution to their question. declares that there are no questions and problems with it. Well, let us check it.

What Makes Them Special

The site provides an opportunity for a customer to familiarize with the main features that distinguish it from competitors:

  • No Boundaries for Writing

    most common form of academic paper is an essay, but is not limited to this. It emphasizes the fact that its team of writers are specialists in absolutely different areas of human knowledge. They can create not only a humanitarian work but also do an economic calculation, draw necessary charts or diagrams and even write a program for a student studying information technology. More than 800 active writers work with the company.

  • Additions

    By the additions the site's team mean:

    1. The choice of the writer's category. Depending on the experience and the elementary comparison of a certain author with the others, the client has the opportunity to pay a little more and get the person who is considered a top-level specialist;
    2. Providing an example of previous works of the selected author. Once a certain writer is approved by the site, the client is given the opportunity to see the page of one of their previous works. This page is generated automatically and it can be either the body part of the work or the references page;
    3. Editing. If you think that two heads are better than one, you can pay for the services of a professional editor who will check your work after the writer finishes it;
    4. Turnitin report. In order to fully verify the uniqueness of the work, the user can request a Turnitin report. It will show whether there is a similarity in your work with those that were once submitted to Turnitin;
    5. One-page summary of your work. The service is ready to give you a brief summary of the main tasks and the general information of your work on one page.
  • Flexibility

    Your work requirements can be quite extensive, complicated or confusing. However, the site policy is flexible: any request of the client, whatever it is, is taken into account.

A Few More Words About the Services Provided

A nice addition to the overall picture of the site is the presence of the page with user reviews. This is the best evidence that the site is open to its customers and is not afraid of their feedback.

If you have a draft and you want to provide it for work, the site support department offer two scenarios:

  • They can use your draft as the basis, rewrite and edit it. It will cost significantly less than creating a project from scratch;
  • They can leave the main idea of your draft and write everything by themselves, but then the work will be evaluated as the one written from scratch.

If you like a certain writer, you can easily continue to cooperate with him or her, just notify the site support manager. You can communicate with your writer through the personal cabinet on the site. There you can also add the files that you want the writer to use.

All conditions of money refund and infinite free work revisions are provided on the corresponding pages of the site.

Rating: 4.7, Writing service review. Author: Robert Klein